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Kallikudar valley


Forgive us if our website looks un-touristy and un-holiday-like and rather UNUSUAL…


We believe that “our communication” should reflect the true character and characteristics of our limited, yet relevant presence and significant essence in the highly competitive and attractively-persuasive realm of the Tourism & Holiday Industry.



to the ‘non-formal’ and ‘un-touristy’, yet ‘exclusive’ and ‘luxe’ Selective Holiday Experience called CREEK n CRAG. And Our Flagship Brand - WILD CANOPY RESERVE.



Simply put / Our Mission


… we constantly strive to offer un-complicated holiday experiences of the non-touristy

variety ~ especially designed for discerning people who are fatigued by the typical-best.


… we continuously aim to raise the bar of excellence in the smallest of things we do, by subtly focusing on the essence and quality of our offerings ~ especially designed for discerning people who’ve experienced the very best.



Our Vision


… we dream ‘big’, without taking recourse to grandiose architecture, elaborate infrastructure,




We offer selective and private Unusual Properties and Unusual Tours.  Which are distinctly and experientially different from popular tourism.



Welcome to the discernibly different experience, called CREEK n CRAG.

And our flagship brand - WILD CANOPY RESERVE.


Our core-strengths evolve and revolve around our intrinsic-ability to conceive, design, create, manage and facilitate  ULTRA-NICHE “ESPECIALLY-DIFFERENT HOLIDAY EXPERIENCES” ~ to specifically cater to the TOP-END NON-TOURISTS. The kind of discerning people who have experienced enough and more… and are fatigued with the regular-best. The kind of individuals, couples, families or small groups who seek experientially distinct destinations or nature-activity-based circuits

of a high order of essence and quality. Which are distinctly different from popular tourism: away from regular tourist-spots and resultant tourist-crowds.






We do not try or cry to be different, for the mere sake of being unusual.

Neither, do we shout or tout to create anything unusual -  to simply be different.


CREEK n CRAG is all about “purposefully-and-conscientiously” offering you a primarily Nature-driven and differently-experiential EXCLUSIVE HOLIDAY EXPERIENCES ~ without taking recourse to typical means and methods of the tourism and holiday industry.




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We do not create or evolve needlessly grandiose properties with huge, ostentatious infrastructure and typical holiday trappings.

Yet, we do not compromise on necessary comforts, luxury and on food.


We do not waste our money on fanciful architecture or opulent interior decoration or exhibitory landscaping. Our attention is focused on the uniqueness of your stay and the value of your experience.




We strive to make your holiday experience unusually wholesome and luxurious.







(Responsible Tourism)







The philosophy is not to compromise                            

or hamper or threaten “the very essence

and character” of the VARIED PROPERTIES…

and the individualistic & distinctive features

which by themselves are

intrinsic to “the defining and definite uniqueness”  of the CREEK n CRAG Portfolio.




The philosophy is to be


in overall…..

Design, Infrastructure, Support Mechanism…                                              

And, to be practiced and reflected in the

Management, Operations, Services, Activities…                                      


The philosophy is to be

Socially and Culturally-sensitive

to Indigenous and Local Sentiments and Ethos…

And provide employment opportunities,

status-boosts and more critically

to benefit and sustain the local economy.






To enable you to get to know the new exciting location…..

Commencing Soon …

Day time activities like  KARAMBOLA Barbecue lunches and Cook Outs, BIRD WATCHING, Butterfly spotting, Riverside picnics, and much more ...






Culinary Odysseys, BBQs & outdoor cooking, Traditional Dining and traditional feasting experience to select groups of people combined with activity such as picnics by the river, trekking etc.



-A Cook out experience in a restaurant designed by Nature

- Slow food

- Alfresco Dining

- cooked on wood or coal fires.

- Hand-pounded spices and Masalas.

- Fresh home grown herbs and vegetables


only cnc.pngis all about creating BRAND EQUITY through defining concepts, a unique product bouquet and alternative destinations in nature tourism, which aims to constantly benchmark totally new industry standards by raising the bar of excellence in the small things that really matter. The vision is not to create grandiose enterprises and mammoth infrastructure that will need to be niche marketed… but rather, to create distinct and strategically exclusive offerings; and then market that niche. In due process, the vision is not to compromise or hamper or threaten the very essence and character of the properties and their distinctive features, which by themselves are intrinsic to the defining uniqueness.











Contact Details:

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Email: and

Phone: +91 9442526034  and +91 9443280658

Photo credits M.A.Rauf and N.Dharman

Location: Kallikudar, Nilgiris.